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Work Requests in State College

Bowman Masonry & Waterproofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in State College. Learn more about Bowman Masonry & Waterproofing's recent work requests in State College and nearby areas!

Learn more about Bowman Masonry & Waterproofing's recent work requests in State College, PA
Vicinity of Devonshire Drive in State College
Wanted an estimate of repairing and sealing a garage floor
Vicinity of Westminster Court in State College
I've had several instances of flooding, moisture in the basement of my rental property. I have recently decided to sell the house but I need someone to inspect the basement and make necessary repairs for moisture damage and potential mold.
Vicinity of Park Forest Ave in State College
I have a partially finished basement and there's wet carpet down there that isn't coming from either a window or plumbing.
Vicinity of HAVERFORD CIRCLE in State College
I have water coming in my basement at the window well.
Vicinity of FAIRWAY RD in State College
Have crumbling plaster in portions of 3 bedrooms that are 2/3 underground. Had abou 1/4 to 1/2 inches of water in 1/3 of basement after 4 inches of rain in one day earlier this month.
Vicinity of Sassafras Court in State College
Water coming into basement from outside wall after prolonged rainfall
Vicinity of Clemson Ct in State College
We are planning to finish our basement. We will need an egress window to proceed, and I liked the RockWell models of window wells. Thanks!
Vicinity of Sowards Place in State College
Water damage on the basement wall and patio
Vicinity of Lenor Drive in State College
I'm looking to have a repair completed on the vertical surface of a step where it meets a landing pad and I'm interested in a quote to complete the work. Thank You ...
Vicinity of S Allen Street in State College
Water coming in basement when it rains.
Vicinity of S. Atherton St in State College
Hello we are looking to resurface our concrete sidewalks. We currently have an outdoor flooring material that will need pulled up, then the concrete grinded and resurfaced. If you could get back to me if you are interested in giving a quote thank you
Vicinity of Bristol Avenue in State College
My basement is musty, and the concrete walls show evidence of crystalline deposits in several areas. I was contemplating applying DRYLOK, but wanted to see what a professional waterproofing service cost. Thank you.
Vicinity of W. Aaron Dr in State College
I am having water enter my unfinished basement at several locations.
Vicinity of Deerfield Drive in State College
We have a basement wall, concrete block, that seeps water through one area after heavy rains. Can you come and give us a quote to fix it? Thank you.
Vicinity of Buchenhorst Rd in State College
I have water leaking into my basement along a wall.
Vicinity of Wheatfield Drive in State College
Working on a purchase agreement for a home that has some water leaking into the basement. I would like to get a quote to fix the issue asap.
Vicinity of S Garner Street in State College
We are planning a basement renovation and need an egress window. Current window opening is at ceiling height and only about 31"w x 14"h. Cinderblock below/to each side. We can dig the hole bigger, but need a new well, cut through cinderblock, and then new window.
Vicinity of Mccormick Ave in State College
Front walkway has a crack, and we'd like to make it look better. Walkway area is 72 X 284 in. We also have a stairway 6 ft wide, 7 steps. Interested in cosmetic upgrade, also in non-slip coating. I'm home during the day, can show someone anytime.
Vicinity of Creekside Dr in State College
Getting a lot of humidity in the crawl space. Would like to repair insulation, encapsulate crawlspace and install a dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Clemson Court in State College
Selling home. Home inspection supposedly detected higher levels of moisture in basement. Cement block basement/foundation, built in 2006. We've owned house since 2014 (second owners) and have never had water in the basement. There's a sump pump there that's never run. Some paint flecking from interior walls w/moisture, but do not think it's problem. But, need some confirmation of that or some objective evaluation.
Vicinity of Linn Street in State College
My basement takes on water with hard rainfall. Mostly in the corners of the basement, but if it's a hard rain, there is standing water.
Vicinity of Harris Drive in State College
Musty smell in house ...coming from crawl space??
Vicinity of South Atherton St in State College
Very small sidewalk in front of home needs repair or replace